Janet Varney

Janet Varney

Date Of Birth: Feb 16, 1976
Birth Place: Arizona, USA

Popularity: 749th All Time, 1,052nd This Week

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said at 5:50 AM on Fri Feb 17 2017
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Happy Belated B-day Korra!
said at 7:49 AM on Thu Feb 16 2017
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Happy Birthday Janet Varney!
said at 3:29 PM on Tue Dec 20 2016
 2 Shout Outs!
Hope she gets more VO work she was great as Korra
Toon Angel
said at 9:07 PM on Tue Feb 16 2016
 2 Shout Outs!
Congrats for turning another year older! Also, she did a great job doing Korra.
said at 12:07 PM on Tue Feb 16 2016
 2 Shout Outs!
Happy Birthday Korra!
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 2:03 PM on Tue Jun 23 2015
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I was rather impressed with her on @Midnight, she was pretty dang funny. She showed us she can't doesn't know how New Yorkers talk and then made out with Felicia.
said at 1:43 PM on Tue Jun 23 2015
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Janet IS Avatar Korra. Deal with it!
said at 7:41 PM on Mon Feb 16 2015
Happy birthday to the amazing Avatar Korra!
said at 3:50 PM on Mon Feb 16 2015
Happy Birthday Janet Varney!!! Fantastic job as Korra, and very impressive for her first go at voice acting!!!
said at 10:51 AM on Mon Feb 16 2015
Happy birthday, Janet!
said at 5:28 AM on Mon Feb 16 2015
 4 Shout Outs!
Happy Birthday Janet Varney.

I absolutely loved her as Korra.

I hope she'll voice in more shows later on, I'd hate for her to be a one-hit wonder VA.
said at 9:35 PM on Mon Feb 9 2015
Is it me, or does she kinda sound like a younger Maria Canals?
HK-47 master
said at 4:14 AM on Tue Mar 29 2016
@Troodon2 It's funny you should say that because I actually think she could make a good Hawkgirl.
said at 6:09 PM on Sun Feb 16 2014
Happy Birthday!
said at 1:37 PM on Mon Feb 18 2013
 5 Shout Outs!
Happy (belated) Birthday, Avatar Janet! :D
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