James Van Der Beek

James Van Der Beek

Date Of Birth: Mar 8, 1977
Birth Place: Cheshire, Connecticut, USA

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said at 2:27 PM on Sat Mar 8 2014
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Happy birthday, Dawson Leery.

Interesting that he also voiced Pazu from Laputa.
said at 3:09 PM on Wed Apr 30 2014
@Fulgore2005 Oddly, there are still naysayers who believe he alone ruins the film, and I seriously can scratch my head in bewilderment. Ideal for the part though he may not have been, he brought something that his previous dub counterpart could not: energy and genuine enthusiasm. He does a much better job than people give credit for.
said at 11:21 PM on Mon Mar 7 2011
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He took a lot of flack for making Pazu sound more like a teenager rather than the pre-teen that the Japanese version portrays him as, but I feel feel that it is largely undeserved. While it is true that his Pazu is more mature than the Japanese version, he still gives a commendable effort. The enthusiasm he brings to the character is very strong and he gets especially good by the climax. In short, he may not be the best voice in Disney's dub, but he's definitely underrated. If Pazu is his only voice acting role, well, then at least it was an admirable, if not perfect, attempt.
said at 3:58 PM on Fri Mar 8 2013
@JTurner He has 2.
said at 3:20 PM on Sun Apr 7 2013
@pete He does? I knew he did a role in the STAR WARS ROBOT CHICKEN, but I honestly didn't know which role he played. Either way, his Pazu was very underrated. I don't think he did such a bad job. He brought life and enthusiasm, which to me cancelled out the oddity of the casting choice and his more mature voice. At least he didn't sound as lifeless as his Streamline counterpart.
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