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said at 3:09 PM on Fri Nov 10 2017
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Love him voicing Sakamoto. Always love seeing newer folks have these leading roles.
said at 1:31 PM on Tue Jul 26 2016
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This dude was great as Izuru would love if that show got another season
said at 8:10 PM on Mon May 16 2016
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I consider Houston Hayes to be a promising newcomer in the anime dubbing industry. He has a voice that works for all kinds of characters: whether they be protagonists, antagonists, or even stock characters. It's gotten to the point where I've come to recognize his voice whenever it comes up in an anime.

His performance in Intrigue in the Bakumatsu was a great start for him, giving people a good look at just what he can do. He did sound a little awkward at times, but considering that Yojiro Akuzuki was his first lead role, I'm willing to let that slide as he did improve as the series went on. I really need to finish the show, I just haven't found the time. Personally, my favorite performance from Houston Hayes was in Majestic Prince, where he played Izuru Hitachi. His voice worked really well with Izuru's social awkwardness and the dorky side of his personality. His screaming during the intense moments of the show were also really good. He's also been a real treat to hear in Log Horizon and Parasyte.

I'm kind of disappointed that he hasn't landed another lead role since Majestic Prince, but hopefully that will change as time goes by. Houston is definitely a voice actor to look out for at and I look forward to seeing his next project.
said at 10:22 PM on Mon Aug 29 2016
@Monk Houston Hayes has been in the dubbing game for five years now he's well beyond the rookie benchmark phase of his career. I find Houston is the type of actor that tends to shine far more often in antagonistic roles then he does in the cut and dry protagonists roles that have very little complexities to them at times. While not a poor performance I've never found his performance as Izuru Hitachi to be very compelling. Its a decent fare type of performance but everything down to his screams needed more grit and passion in them. It always felt like he was holding back when it came to the battle charges and the overall intensity of the screaming. I wanted a more primal intensity during the shouting/screaming scenes but Kyle Jones' voice direction never delivered in that department for me. When Houston tweaks his voice to have a sightly more nasally mature sound to it the performances are usually quite memorable and stand as the most solid performances from his dubbing career such as Feekiee from The Book of Bantorra, Kuramochi in From the New World and Kazumitsu Tendo from Black Bullet. My favorite additional voice work he's done is from the Dusk maiden of Amnesia dub where he plays one of the countless minor high school students that want to sacrifice Yuuko Kirishima to save his own skin in episode six. In episode ten he plays one of the sickly dying villagers that end up causing great harm to Yuuko Kanoe. I would agree that Houston is more then ready for another lead protagonist role or promising antagonistic role. I'm hoping somewhere down the road he'll be able to find his way into the One Piece dub and maybe if fate is kind enough find his way into Dallas dubbing on a semi casual basis like Carili Mosier, Andrew Love and many others from the last decade.
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