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said at 8:10 PM on Mon May 16 2016
I consider Houston Hayes to be a promising newcomer in the anime dubbing industry. He has a voice that works for all kinds of characters: whether they be protagonists, antagonists, or even stock characters. It's gotten to the point where I've come to recognize his voice whenever it comes up in an anime.

His performance in Intrigue in the Bakumatsu was a great start for him, giving people a good look at just what he can do. He did sound a little awkward at times, but considering that Yojiro Akuzuki was his first lead role, I'm willing to let that slide as he did improve as the series went on. I really need to finish the show, I just haven't found the time. Personally, my favorite performance from Houston Hayes was in Majestic Prince, where he played Izuru Hitachi. His voice worked really well with Izuru's social awkwardness and the dorky side of his personality. His screaming during the intense moments of the show were also really good. He's also been a real treat to hear in Log Horizon and Parasyte.

I'm kind of disappointed that he hasn't landed another lead role since Majestic Prince, but hopefully that will change as time goes by. Houston is definitely a voice actor to look out for at and I look forward to seeing his next project.
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