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Hikaru Midorikawa

Hikaru MidorikawaJapanese

Date Of Birth: May 2, 1968
Birth Place: Ohtawara, Tochigi, Japan
Voice Over Language: Japanese

Popularity: 57th All Time, 35th This Week. *

Trivia & Fun Facts:

Blood Type: B

Favorite Cartoon Character: Snoopy
Favorite Food: omelette, stew

Hobbies: collecting Nike running shoes, video games

Skills & Abilities: Saxophone

THE VOICES OF Hikaru Midorikawa

Credits On BTVA: 201 Roles from 186 Titles  [ Only show characters with sound clips ]

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Fernie Fernandez
said at 7:37 AM on Sun Sep 20 2015
I knew him as Might in a Dream-Cast game I always enjoy playing...!
said at 6:25 AM on Tue Mar 24 2015
 1 Shout Out!
The epitome of bishounen voices
Jared Delgado
said at 5:51 PM on Thu Oct 16 2014
Quite possibly the Japanese Grant George.
said at 8:14 PM on Fri Jun 22 2012
he looks like Jin Akutsu from the Prince of Tennis
said at 6:28 PM on Thu May 10 2012
I never knew that he voiced Tamahome.
said at 7:40 PM on Fri Aug 26 2011
This is news to me--I never knew he provided the voice of Marth.
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