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said at 8:48 AM on Sat Feb 18 2012
Tell Shaquanna "hi" and tell her I like the way she be's marking the way them young girls be talking. I use to think that was you. But I saw the both of you together on the internet, sitting side by side, and I know the difference in personality now. You usually make statements, and Shaquanna is usually the one to respond, and sometimes she be's smacking her lips, like a young girl, or speaking real fast and dragging her words like them young girls be doing. She sounds cute. Sometimes, I think Shaquanna is one of them youngens herself. Naw she not, She's w/ the over 30 crew. lol.
And Alfreda is the one who's always saying "yes" all the time. The way older women be doing it. I hear ya' Alfreda.
But don't let the Russ Parr Show get too hilarious though. Somebody might try to steal ya'll away from us, and send you to Hollywood.
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