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Panther Caroso
Meta Knight
Eric Newsome

Eric Newsome

Voice Over Language: English


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said at 6:45 PM on Fri Jan 27 2012
dont know but maybe dex did the voice instead
said at 10:16 PM on Wed Aug 3 2011
Okay, about one of the characters, Panther Caroso, I know that in StarFox Assault his voice is done by David Scully who is also Leon and in Brawl: (ONE SMALL PROBLEM) I looked on Lylat Wiki and Arwingpedia about Panther and it said that his voice in brawl is done by Dex Manley! Now THAT is a joke! Last time I looked on behind the voice actors, the actor for Panther in brawl is Eric Newsome which is CORRECT. So Eric has GOT to be the correct actor for Panther Caroso and mentioned in Lylat Wiki and Arwingpedia!
said at 7:09 AM on Mon May 19 2014
@Aurora Newsome voiced Bowser as well.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 7:57 AM on Mon May 19 2014
@CuriousUserX90 He did voice Bowser, but not in Brawl.
said at 8:03 AM on Fri Jun 20 2014
@NCZ Been stated on site's for a few year's up until now. Does Bowser's Brawl voice sound familiar to anything else from other media though?
said at 9:22 AM on Fri Jun 20 2014
That's because a lot of people who play Mario games apparently can't differentiate sound effects from human voices, and the remote nature of the cast results in most like yourself winding up believing anything they see.

Few like myself actually do the research and are thus rewarded with the truth.
said at 2:19 AM on Wed Jun 25 2014
@rosebr10 Since Brawl came out 6 years ago, I saw Newsome listed as the Voice of Bowser in MP8, SPM and SSBB.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 7:44 AM on Wed Jun 25 2014
@CuriousUserX90 Yes for Super Paper Mario. No for Brawl and MP8. Scott Burns voiced Bowser in the latter and he only voiced Meta Knight in the former.
said at 3:27 PM on Mon Sep 1 2014
@NCZ I think some uncredited guy acted for Bowser's SSBB voice, and his voice was heavily modified, and maybe stock. So yeah, that's why we don't know who voice acted Bowser in the Smash Bros series.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 5:02 PM on Mon Sep 1 2014
@Daveybird Bowser and DK's voices sound like heavily modified animal sounds. I hear some jaguar in DK, for example. I definitely don't think it was a human behind them.

In Melee at least, Bowser also used some stock sound effects too. His taunt was the famous Godzilla/cliche monster movie roar.

Smash Bros. has also been very good at crediting voice actors (Smash 64 was actually the first time Kazumi Totaka was credited as the voice of Yoshi, for instance), so I believe it was all just stock audio and animal recordings, standard foley work.
said at 6:19 PM on Mon Sep 1 2014
@NCZ Good point. I noticed that in SSBB, Bowser's Up-A voice sounds like a jaguar/panther/cougar/wildcat/etc going "REWW!!" It's a shame they don't use his 2002-present human voice for the Smash Bros series, especially now when he's standing upright and dropkicking everyone.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 6:54 PM on Mon Sep 1 2014
@Daveybird Oh yeah, I'm really happy with the new Bowser. Sadly it looks like they'll be keeping the generic noises for him, DK, and Diddy. I'd love it if Kenny James got the gig, but oh well. I can live.
said at 7:44 PM on Mon Sep 1 2014
@NCZ But at least in the new Smash Bros, Bowser has deeper roars, akin to a Lion or Dragon or something. Like how Aeon from Soulcalibur's animal voice pitch lowered from IV to V, and not to spoil anything, but "if" Bowser Jr. "makes it" in SSB4, the last thing we need is him sounding like a little raptor. But I don't think it will "happen," because "if" he "makes it in," they will probably treat him like fellow cute animal kid character Yoshi and keep his human voice, as beastly roars are even more unfitting for him than his father. Again, "I don't know anything..."

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