Eleanor Audley

Eleanor Audley

Date Of Birth: Nov 19, 1905
Birth Place: New York City, New York, United States
Date Of Death: Nov 25, 1991
Cause Of Death: Respiratory failure

Popularity: 1,063rd All Time, 351st This Week

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THE VOICES OF Eleanor Audley

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said at 12:10 PM on Thu Nov 19 2015
Happy Birthday and R.I.P. Eleanor Audley.
Jacob M. Keene
said at 3:47 PM on Tue Nov 18 2014
 1 Shout Out!
In my opinion, Eleanor Audley's voice is like the female equivalent of Tony Jay!
said at 10:14 PM on Mon Nov 11 2013
For some reason, I think I like her role as Madame Leota the best.
said at 12:56 PM on Sun Nov 10 2013
A great Maleficent & Lady Tremaine. They are such great villains. RIP Eleanor.
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Lady Tremaine