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Eden Riegel

Date Of Birth: Jan 1, 1981
Birth Place: Washington DC, USA

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Sister of Sam Riegel

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Soap Opera actress. Played iconic role of Bianca on All My Children up until 2009.

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said at 8:27 PM on Sat Nov 26 2016
When I heard Akari and Sumia's voice, I loved it! When I heard Marie and Sherry's voice, I really loved it! When I heard Diana, I felt all of the emotions and energy poured into this role from beginning to end! Eden Riegel truly shined in the voice acting world, and the video game world has really been treating her amazingly. I honestly hope that she gets a lot more western animation roles like in Lion Guard, and a lot of anime too!
said at 10:38 PM on Wed Apr 13 2016
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after some listening, I can accept Eden as the true voice of Estelle and Sumia. I don't know why Eden was uncredited in both games
said at 3:51 PM on Sat Sep 3 2016

Unions are the most likely reason. Her resume lists that she's part of SAG-AFTRA, which means that Eden is definitely union and has been a member of the union for a while. As a result, she's uncredited in her non-union work, however, she also openly admits that she's willing to take on non-union jobs, which is why she still makes appearances in quite a few non-union JRPG stuff. She seems to be a union actor, but is willing to play freely for both fields (union and non-union). FE: Awakening and ToV are non-union and most non-union works won't credit VAs who are part of the union for certain reasons (risk of getting in trouble with the union), so that's why she's uncredited in both games.
said at 7:12 PM on Mon Oct 31 2016
@Yitsul this seals the deal http://fontasticcrablettes.tumblr.com/post/149618191353/i-did-it-i-got-the-audiobook-from-my-library
said at 2:29 AM on Sat Jan 2 2016
Happy late Birthday Eden Riegel! your voice really makes characters like Marie, Kaede and Sumia sound endearing.
said at 11:02 PM on Fri Jan 1 2016
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Happy Birthday Eden Riegel!

I honestly find her voice for Marie, Sumia, Kaede, Estellise & Koan to be an absolute joy.

Hope she'll get more roles in future, but she does have a quite a lot of potential in my eyes.
said at 9:15 PM on Fri Jan 1 2016
Happy Birthday Eden Riegel!!

I enjoyed her performances as Kaede Kaburagi (Tiger & Bunny). Hopefully she'll be in a lot more voice over roles soon.
said at 11:09 AM on Fri Jan 1 2016
Happy birthday, Eden.
said at 10:34 AM on Fri Jan 1 2016
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Happy Birthday Eden Riegel!

She's fantastic as Koan and Kaede Kaburagi, she's impressed me thus far with just these two roles, I wonder what else she is capable of doing?

It's also cool that she's Sam's sister too.
said at 8:37 PM on Sun Nov 15 2015
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I've been a huge fan of hers' for many years. I have a lot of fond memories watching her as Bianca in All My Children. It's cool to see she's been getting a lot of work as an anime and video game voice actress! She's really talented, any project is super lucky to have her!
said at 3:52 PM on Mon Nov 16 2015
@PurpleWarrior13 All My Children… just a moment, wasn't Bill Timoney in that show, too? If so, who would've thought?

And yeah, I have heard her as Ren in FRAGILE DREAMS. That was a beautiful game. I can't believe I didn't know about this until now.
said at 10:19 AM on Thu Sep 24 2015
Ok, this is weird....before Behind the Voice Actors said that Danielle Judovits did Sumia from Fire Emblem Awakening and Estelle from Tales of Vesperia. Now it's showing that she never did that, at all! now it's saying that Eden Riegel did all that. Is this an error?
NCZ (Admin)
said at 10:20 AM on Thu Sep 24 2015
@Arturo Read the comments below.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 4:36 PM on Fri Sep 25 2015
And finally, just to completely kill this bit of misinformation dead, "Claudia Lenz" updated her voice123 recently.

Sumia now shows up on the list of credits.
said at 1:47 PM on Sun Sep 6 2015
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I know video games have a more lenient recording schedule than anime, but I wish she would do more roles from the latter.
said at 11:19 PM on Wed Sep 2 2015
I'm still skeptical, Danielle faved this Tweet https://twitter.com/JSEleazar1994/status/567567752983228416
NCZ (Admin)
said at 8:52 AM on Thu Sep 3 2015
@Yitsul She also said she voiced Estelle even though now we know she didn't. Mixups happen all the time and favouriting a tweet is too passive to really count as confirmation of anything (it's more just a sign of goodwill). An actual, official resume listing (which Eden Riegel has provided) is pretty hard to dispute.
said at 2:11 AM on Mon Aug 31 2015
what she didn't voice Sumia or Nah that was Danielle Judovits
said at 2:21 AM on Mon Aug 31 2015
Those and others were associated with "Claudia Lenz", and a website interview had given the impression made it seem that Judovits was Estelle (and thus Lenz), but now we know better.

It's all another Jennifer Hale/Nintendo Power fiasco. The interviewers misstepped in their assessment, and we all suffered for it.
said at 2:34 AM on Mon Aug 31 2015
@rosebr10 wait what can i get some proof of this like a link or something cause i fell like something fishy here
said at 2:36 AM on Mon Aug 31 2015
Yes. Right under "Contact Info" on this very page.

(Profiles from that website were generated by the actors themselves, not by users, hence its reliability and its role in the grand scheme of things).
said at 2:40 AM on Mon Aug 31 2015
wait i minute that interview thing you were talking about can i see a link to that too really fast i need to check something out
NCZ (Admin)
said at 4:58 PM on Mon Aug 31 2015

Here are the three main links you can look at.

RPGsite's interview with Danielle Judovits (in which she seemingly confirms being Estelle in Vesperia - note her vague words regarding the role)

"Claudia Lenz"'s voice123 page (lists roles that had been attributed previously to "Lenz" like Rena from Star Ocean 2, roles previously miscredited to Judovits like Estelle, and roles always known to be Eden like Sherry, Marie, and Isabeau)

Eden Riegel's official website:
NCZ (Admin)
said at 5:04 PM on Mon Aug 31 2015
And just to be completely clear, Sumia, Nah, and all those other game roles previously attributed to Judovits were all credited to her using Estelle as a reference point (since she was believed to have voiced her). And since you're wondering about Sumia and Nah specifically, their voice actresses were uncredited in the actual game, so it being Judovits was basically guesswork on the part of fans. That game credited *most* of its English voice actors but a small handful (Lucina, Sumia, Nah, Lon'qu, Brady, Virion, and Tiki) were unlisted.

Now that we know it was Eden Riegel as Estelle all along, the logical conclusion is that all those other roles were actually her.
said at 9:37 PM on Sat Aug 29 2015
Wow seeing Eden Riegel as "the" Claudia Lenz in a BIG surprise. No wonder we mistook Claudia Lenz for Danielle Judovitz the whole time, so then that means Eden will have more roles updated on her page! :D
NCZ (Admin)
said at 9:42 PM on Sat Aug 29 2015
@DisneyAnimefan1995 I already moved over all the credits once I heard the news and queued the relevant "favourite character" votes for deletion but yeah, good to have everything all sorted out at last.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 9:46 PM on Sat Aug 29 2015
@NCZ What about Sophitia? I thought she was one of the Claudia Lenz roles.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 9:57 PM on Sat Aug 29 2015
@Nightmare Crusher That and Mana Khemia were the roles I needed to look into a bit more, namely so I could refresh myself on what they sounded like. The other roles I could remember clearly what they all sounded like without having to dive right into them (since they were all pinned to Danielle using Estelle and Rena as reference points). Meanwhile I'm not as familiar with Soulcalibur so I was going to check out more and get a second opinion - and also I'm not going to lie, I wasn't always completely 100% convinced of the Claudia Lenz connection there, which was the other big reason I was hesitant to assign definitively it right away.

Basically that's the role with the most margin for error so it needed to be investigated further.

But yes, Claudia Lenz being credited for Soulcalibur V would confirm that Eden Riegel was involved with at least that game.
said at 5:39 AM on Sun Aug 30 2015
Despite this recent earthshaking phenomena the sources remain


Still a bit off kilter when older-sounding (like here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZVIMel2TiA#t=7s).

But still natural sounding when younger.

The Ear of One
said at 4:32 AM on Wed Aug 19 2015
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hope she get more roles in a future. both in video game and in anime. she was good as Kaede.
said at 9:29 PM on Wed Aug 5 2015
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She's been in a ton of video games last couple years. Hopefully she'll be in a few more shows.
said at 11:56 PM on Thu Jan 1 2015
Happy Birthday Eden, great job as May, Marie & Hitomi.
said at 7:25 PM on Thu Jan 1 2015
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Happy Birthday Eden!
said at 10:25 AM on Thu Jan 1 2015
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Happy Birthday Eden!! Great job as Hitomi, Sherry, and........ that's pretty much it so far. Regardless, I hope to hear more from her.
said at 1:31 PM on Wed Jan 1 2014
Happy Birthday Eden!
said at 9:07 AM on Wed Jan 1 2014
Happy birthday Eden.
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