Eddie Deezen

Eddie Deezen

Date Of Birth: Mar 6, 1957
Birth Place: Cumberland, Maryland, USA

Popularity: 608th All Time, 746th This Week

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THE VOICES OF Eddie Deezen

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said at 7:03 PM on Tue Mar 6 2018
Happy Birthday, Eddie Deezen!
said at 4:36 PM on Tue Mar 6 2018
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Happy birthday, Eddie Deezen!!!

He's really enjoyable as Ped.
said at 3:24 AM on Tue Mar 6 2018
Happy Birthday Eddie Deezen!
said at 10:00 AM on Fri Dec 1 2017
I love this guy's voice.
said at 2:27 AM on Fri Nov 10 2017
 2 Shout Outs!
He even looks like Mandark
said at 2:48 PM on Mon Mar 6 2017
 1 Shout Out!
Happy Birthday Eddie Deezen!
said at 8:10 AM on Mon Mar 6 2017
 2 Shout Outs!
Happy 60th Mandark

A little trivia from Malvin himself on his website: he performed with the late Christine Cavanaugh in the first voiceover job of her career. They play a young married couple. Go figure.
said at 6:31 AM on Mon Mar 6 2017
Happy B-Day Eddie Deezen!!

Love your va roles as Mandark, Ned, Larry and Mouth!
said at 4:17 AM on Mon Mar 6 2017
 1 Shout Out!
Sheboodles! Chew chew chew, chew chew chew chew chew. Happy Birthday, Eddie Deezen!
said at 9:45 AM on Fri Oct 28 2016
 3 Shout Outs!
I knew that was Mandark's voice on Polar Express!
said at 9:44 AM on Fri Oct 28 2016
I just re-watched Ego Trip lol
Mandark ftw! XD
said at 12:19 PM on Sun Mar 6 2016
 1 Shout Out!
Happy Birthday Eddie Deezen!

He has one of the most recognizable and distinct voices ever and he's perfect at playing know it all nerds.

I loved his performances as Mandark, Ned, Larry and Ped.
said at 3:14 AM on Wed May 6 2015
Happy Birthday Mandark, Ned, and Mouth
kisa tiger
said at 1:53 AM on Wed May 6 2015
Lol, i own the Kim possible movie he voiced in. That's so weird, never knew he voiced him when i first saw saw him in grease
Stare at the Sun
said at 2:27 PM on Thu Mar 19 2015
 5 Shout Outs!
He would be perfect as Brainy Smurf
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 2:29 PM on Fri Mar 6 2015
Man what ever happened to this guy?
said at 3:39 PM on Fri Mar 6 2015
@Music Meister well, he got casted as Ped from Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015)
said at 4:29 PM on Fri Mar 6 2015
@Music Meister he was also on Chowder in the 3rd season, he was in Spongebob Sponge out of water in a bit part, and he was a one off in Pound puppies a couple years ago
said at 2:25 PM on Fri Mar 6 2015
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Happy birthday, Eddie!
said at 2:23 PM on Fri Mar 6 2015
Happy Birthday, Mandark.
said at 4:59 AM on Mon Mar 2 2015
 3 Shout Outs!
Aha! It's Eugene from 'Grease'!
said at 10:01 PM on Wed Aug 13 2014
This guy annoys me.
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