Eberhard Pruter

Eberhard PruterGerman

Date Of Birth: Jan 21, 1945
Birth Place: Berlin, Germany
Date Of Death: Oct 28, 2014
Voice Over Language: German

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said at 4:54 PM on Wed Jan 20 2016
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Happy birthday and RIP, Eberhard! Your performance as Squidward was unique, rich and valuable, and Joakim Kaps hasn't quite replaced you so adequately. You've also been Zazu longer than almost anyone, you hammed it up magnificently as Frigeed, as well as being Mider in 'Mystic Knights', and you were the best thing about the dub of 'NCIS' as Dr. Mallard!
said at 6:00 AM on Thu Jan 21 2016
@BlankSlate You were actually pretty funny in 'Die Didi-show' as well.
said at 11:42 PM on Tue Oct 27 2015
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It's been a year since his death, and it feels really weird. I feel like I've moved on, yet it still hurts.
said at 9:15 AM on Thu Oct 30 2014
 2 Shout Outs!
Eberhard... How can you die? It's awful! You... I can't believe this. I'm taking this really hard. You may be gone, but you are not forgotten. Your performance as Squidward was like no other. I will make sure you will be remembered as a legend in voice acting.
said at 10:35 AM on Thu Oct 30 2014
@BlankSlate Where did you find the information about his death?
said at 10:47 AM on Thu Oct 30 2014
@VoteForSirAtlas I found out from the guy running a Facebook page dedicated to him. Deutsche Synchronkartei and Wikipedia also confirm it but I don't know how it happened. He was nearly seventy!
said at 10:57 AM on Thu Oct 30 2014
@VoteForSirAtlas Thanks for updating his page.
said at 5:47 PM on Wed Nov 5 2014
@BlankSlate SpongeBob just won't be the same without Marco Kroger (Patrick, now the main character of Uncle Grandpa) and the late Eberhard Pruter. Hopefully we can hear Eberhard one last time in the upcoming movie.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 6:06 PM on Wed Nov 5 2014
I hope your not assuming VoteForSirAtlas is a mode or Admin
said at 12:03 AM on Thu Nov 6 2014
@thomwim Agreed on every word. I am sure going to miss him. He had such a unique voice and delivery and it would be so nice to hear him as Squidward one more time.
said at 12:04 AM on Thu Nov 6 2014
@Music Meister And no, I made a mistake.
said at 2:00 AM on Mon Jan 12 2015
@thomwim Or not. It's Tobias Lelle as Squidward now.
said at 4:02 PM on Wed Jan 21 2015
@BlankSlate English SpongeBob is Jake Spidermonkey, and now German Jake is Squidward. Hmm...
said at 5:53 PM on Wed Jan 21 2015
@thomwim Funny coincidence. Like how English Eduardo from Foster's is Spongebob and German Eduardo used to be Patrick.
said at 3:12 PM on Mon Jan 20 2014
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Happy birthday, Eberhard!
said at 2:27 PM on Tue Oct 15 2013
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Thaddaeus, Thaddaeus, please tell me, dear... what makes me love you so?
said at 7:45 AM on Sun Jul 28 2013
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Lieber Eberhard,
Du bist der Gefuehlvollste Schauspieler in den ganzen wieter Welt. Warum? Durch Thaddaeus, natuerlich!
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