Doug Lawrence

Doug Lawrence

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One of the writers for SpongeBob SquarePants, and provides a multitude of voices for that show.

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Television writer

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THE VOICES OF Doug Lawrence

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said at 2:23 PM on Thu Sep 29 2016
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"You think this is funny!?!"

"In a cosmic sort of way, yes."

"Well mr. funny man, is this how you get your sick kicks!?!"

"What? it's just an ordinary Krabby.... OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!"
said at 5:06 AM on Thu Sep 15 2016
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I see Mr. Lawrence in that image and all that comes to mind is prog rock musician Steven Wilson; him or Geddy Lee. Anyway, I always did dig his performances as Edward J. Platypus, Filburt Turtle, Plankton, and Larry the Lobster.
said at 7:27 PM on Wed Sep 14 2016
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It's a shame he doesn't get more work these days.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 7:36 PM on Wed Sep 14 2016
@historylover He's been a full-time writer/storyboard artist/voice actor on SpongeBob for over 17 years. Dude hasn't stopped working.
said at 8:10 PM on Wed Sep 14 2016
@NCZ To be fair, I think historylover means more voice roles in other media.

Then again, Mighty Magiswords.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 8:11 PM on Wed Sep 14 2016

Ah, I guess so.

Well, since he's a writer/storyboard artist primarily and a VA second, I think it's understandable that he only occasionally does non-SpongeBob voices.
said at 9:03 PM on Wed Sep 14 2016
@NCZ He was good on Camp Lazlo.
said at 7:15 PM on Sat Sep 24 2016
@Ghosty404 Fun fact: He's the head writer of Mighty Magiswords.
said at 8:33 PM on Tue Aug 2 2016
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"It looks like an ordinary penny, because it *is* an ordinary penny! That fool Krabs is too greedy to resist you, my little pretty. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!"
Dark Kuja
said at 8:27 PM on Tue Aug 2 2016
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"MY EYES!!!"
Jacob M. Keene
said at 12:57 PM on Tue May 17 2016
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I heard him say in an interview that his Plankton voice is basically a hybrid-impression of Gregory Peck and Thurl Ravenscroft!
said at 11:56 AM on Wed Jun 24 2015
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said at 1:43 AM on Tue Mar 24 2015
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said at 1:37 PM on Mon Mar 23 2015
 4 Shout Outs!
2 hours is LONG enough! That's it!
said at 2:40 PM on Tue Jan 6 2015
This guy has amazing range.

Edward's my personal favourite of his roles so far.
said at 11:23 AM on Tue Sep 30 2014
Doug Lawrence does a good job voicing Plankton. His hamminess is impeccable!

He also voices Sumner from Gauntlet Legends/Dark Legacy.
said at 9:04 PM on Mon Sep 1 2014
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He also played the artist in SpongeBob's "Frank-n-doodle".
NCZ (Admin)
said at 9:15 PM on Mon Sep 1 2014
@ScorpioKing1183 Yes, he did. Very memorable part! Although actually, now that I think of it, I'm not sure if he physically played him or just did his voice. The artist's lines definitely seem to have been dubbed over, and the voice is 100% him. Although even if it was simply a dubbing/ADR job, I'm not sure it would count as a voice acting credit.
said at 10:39 AM on Fri Oct 25 2013
Like SpongeBob & love his voice.
said at 12:50 AM on Tue Jul 31 2012
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I love how the Chocolate! scream is used as his voice clip for Tom
said at 1:22 PM on Tue Jun 5 2012
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Whenever i think of him i think of Plankton saying "I will rule the world! Hehhehheh!"
Sarge Ray
said at 6:43 PM on Sun Jan 16 2011
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Someone once asked this guy if he would use his Plankton voice at a drive-thru speaker. His response?

"No. But thanks for the idea."
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