Daveigh Chase

Daveigh Chase

Date Of Birth: Jul 24, 1990
Birth Place: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Popularity: 537th All Time, 535th This Week

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EPA Deane
said at 1:12 PM on Tue Aug 22 2017
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"Ohana means 'FAMILY'.... and 'Family' Means....."
said at 9:41 PM on Thu Jun 22 2017
Daveigh is one talented actress she great as Lilo and Chihiro
said at 6:06 PM on Mon Jan 30 2017
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Oh my God! I never realized that Lilo and Chihiro had the same voice actress! It's so obvious now, though! How did I not notice!?
said at 6:36 AM on Sun Jul 24 2016
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Happy Birthday Daveigh Chase!
said at 2:32 AM on Sun Jul 24 2016
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Happy Birthday, Daveigh Chase! She definitely made for more than a believable Lilo, though it was her performance as Chihiro Ogino/Sen that won me over.
said at 9:35 PM on Fri Jul 24 2015
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Happy Birthday Lilo and Chihiro Ogino.
said at 5:22 PM on Fri Jul 24 2015
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Happy Birthday Daveigh Chase.

She was awesome for her roles as Lilo from Lilo and Stitch and as Chihiro Ogino / Sen from the English version of Spirited Away.
said at 3:26 PM on Fri Jul 24 2015
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Happy Birthday Daveigh Chase!

Her performance as Lilo was awesome. one of the most memorable child voice acting I have ever heard and the fact she was the girl from The Ring....That's insane.
Fancy Ken
said at 10:14 PM on Thu Feb 2 2017
@Autovolt Yep. She was Samara. Main reason that The Ring didn't terrify me so much knowing that the actor was Lilo and Chihiro.
said at 4:41 PM on Thu Jul 24 2014
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Happy Birthday Lilo and Chihiro/Sen.
said at 8:04 PM on Tue Jul 24 2012
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The creepy Ring girl was Lilo? O.o
said at 1:56 AM on Mon Nov 26 2012
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