Dave Coulier

Dave Coulier

Date Of Birth: Sep 21, 1959
Birth Place: St. Claire Shores, Michigan, USA

Popularity: 1,219th All Time, 1,483rd This Week

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said at 11:36 AM on Sun Jul 16 2017
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Im still preety bummed he hasnt potrayed popeye in an offical cartoon because his popeye voice is preety spot on, hopefully if they allow the sailor man to make an animated comeback dave can voice him
said at 11:57 AM on Sun Jul 16 2017

I agree with you there. He can do a perfect Bullwinkle, too.
said at 7:12 AM on Wed Sep 21 2016
Happy Birthday Dave Coulier.
said at 3:29 AM on Wed Sep 21 2016
Happy Birthday, Tramm!
said at 5:08 AM on Sun Sep 21 2014
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Happy Birthday Joey Gladstone from Full House, Tramm from Teen Titans, and a spectacular voice over artist in general
Polyester Funk
said at 12:41 AM on Sun Sep 21 2014
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Jimmy Fallon joke the other night: "Jeff Daniels and Dave Coulier are feuding over which one is Jeff Daniels and which one is Dave Coulier."
solidejake (Moderator)
said at 9:24 PM on Fri Sep 20 2013
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"You, you, you ought to know!"
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