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Christopher Judge

Date Of Birth: Oct 13, 1964

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said at 5:19 AM on Fri May 25 2018
From getting miscast as Magneto to totally being a powerhouse as Kratos...

what a world of difference.
said at 9:13 PM on Tue May 15 2018
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Christopher was great Kratos in God of War 2018 and I'm glad he getting more recognition because he really talented and need more voice work
said at 9:13 AM on Sat May 5 2018
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This man is AMAZING!!! :D
said at 12:53 AM on Fri Apr 27 2018
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Never saw Stargate but I wouldn't be surprised if in time God of War is what he is best known for. Maybe if he gets super popular he can help get Erica Durance into voice acting.
said at 1:08 AM on Sat Apr 28 2018

I've never seen Stargate either. First thing I remember whenever it's mentioned is an old Simpsons joke that would definitely receive criticism (and probably more) if written for the first time now.

I'd like to hear Erica in voice acting too; I liked her on Smallville. In recent years she's become a mom a few times so if she was interested in voice acting it'd be less work hours than she's used to so she could spend more time with her kids. However you never know how actor families get along. Some help each other as much as possible, others distance themselves and even change their name to prevent special treatment.
8000 Saiyans
said at 4:18 PM on Thu Apr 26 2018
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He might have been miscast as Magneto, but man, he has such a great voice. No wonder he got cast as Kratos in the new God of War game.

He also would have been a better Dabura than Scott McNeil (I still love you Scott) in the Ocean/Westwood dub of Dragon Ball Z.
said at 4:03 PM on Thu Apr 26 2018
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Yoo his Kratos performance was legendary.
said at 7:47 PM on Wed Apr 25 2018
He seems pretty good as Kratos. I don't really follow the games but was there a specific reason TC Carson didn't come back? Skimmed some posts but don't know how accurate they are. Some say it's because the child actor actually had creative input, other say it was a mo-cap/editing reason.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 8:04 PM on Wed Apr 25 2018

It's a soft reboot and Kratos is much older with a new personality. I don't doubt at all TC could pull off a calmer and more mature Kratos but I figure they wanted as clean and fresh a break as possible.
said at 1:53 AM on Thu Apr 26 2018

Good to know. So a bit similar to that MGS game where TPTB cast Kiefer Sutherland for a fresh portrayal? (though I guess that game was a proper sequel)

Part of me thinks these kind of situations could be handled better if the original VA at least got to voice a new character as a sign of no hard feelings but it's probably complicated behind the scenes. Maybe they don't want to voice someone else (even if modeled/created after them) or TPTB have no interest in paying homage.
said at 1:53 AM on Sun Apr 29 2018

Game seems to be well received and selling well so sequels are pretty much guaranteed. If they branch off into other mythologies there's definitely opportunities to cast TC; some gods even have shape-shifting abilities (Kratos vs Kratos?)
said at 5:12 PM on Tue Apr 24 2018
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said at 7:14 AM on Thu Nov 16 2017
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A great Magneto, and of course, T'elk

said at 10:59 AM on Fri Nov 10 2017
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Christopher is one talented actor he great as Zodak, Coach Simon Grey, D-Mob, and Magneto
said at 2:10 PM on Thu Oct 13 2016
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Happy Birthday Christopher Judge!!!

He was kinda miscast as Magneto, but he had an epic voice and performed him well.

I also can't wait to hear him as Kratos.
said at 11:47 AM on Thu Oct 13 2016
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Happy Birthday Christopher Judge!
said at 1:20 PM on Sat Jul 30 2016
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Our new Kratos.
said at 5:01 PM on Tue Oct 13 2015
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Happy Birthday Magneto from X-Men Evolution!
said at 1:09 PM on Tue Oct 13 2015
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Happy Birthday Christopher Judge!

Even though I think he was really miscast as Magneto, he still gave an excellent performance in the role and his voice is awesome. He needs more voice acting gigs.
said at 10:43 AM on Tue Oct 13 2015
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Happy Birthday, Teal'c From Stargate SG-1.
said at 7:19 AM on Tue Oct 13 2015
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Happy Birthday, Mr. Judge!
Polyester Funk
said at 12:58 AM on Mon Oct 13 2014
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Happy birthday.
said at 5:47 PM on Mon May 6 2013
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This guy needs to voice Darkseid.
said at 5:38 PM on Sun Oct 13 2013
@LordofEvil96 If DC can swallow their pride and go to Vancouver for their voice-acting talent more often, that just might become a reality ;)
Polyester Funk
said at 12:33 AM on Wed May 7 2014
@LordofEvil96 That would be awesome.
said at 12:54 AM on Tue Mar 29 2016
@CatsTuxedo What do you mean "swallow their pride?" Vancouver has good talent...
said at 9:51 AM on Tue Mar 29 2016
@huzaifa_ahmed Not that I don't agree (far from it), but apparently it's not enough for DC to stray out of their comfort zone in LA even once in a while.
said at 6:11 PM on Tue Mar 29 2016

Would it ever be possible to get something based in LA, but with auditions from Canada?
said at 6:18 PM on Tue Mar 29 2016
@huzaifa_ahmed Not likely. When a studio elects to base voice-recording in LA, it's simply more convenient to go with whoever's right there rather than going out of their way to get someone hundreds of miles away to try out for it. If you want Vancouver actors in your production, you'll either have to go all in with that or don't even bother.
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