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Chikao Otsuka

Chikao OtsukaJapanese

Birth Place: Tokyo, Japan
Date Of Birth: Jul 5, 1929
Date Of Death: Jan 15, 2015
Cause Of Death: Coronary artery disease
Voice Over Language: Japanese

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Credited Roles On BTVA So Far: 122





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said at 8:55 PM on Sat Jan 17 2015
Oh he is Eggman in Sonic series I heard it too ,RIP Chikao Otsuka.
said at 8:51 PM on Sat Jan 17 2015
Damn, it's shame I honestly like his as Master Xehanort in Kingdom of heart and Jinpachi Mishima in Tekken 5. And in anime he Gol D.Roger in One Piece ,I saw a fist of the north star movie too ,he be missed RIP.
said at 2:09 PM on Sat Jan 17 2015
Not counting those pitch-altered clips you hear of him in the English voice set for Eggman in SA2, I knew him first as Dr. Vile (Weil on our shores) in the Mega Man Zero series.

He will be missed.
said at 1:21 PM on Sat Jan 17 2015
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Wow, he's the voice of Eggman, Master Xehanort, Captain Hook, Hamm and a few other characters from stuff that I like.

Also, I listened to some of his sound clips and thought tgey were pretty good. Mainly because I don't speak or really know Japanese.

So with that said, RIP Chikao you will be missed as you played a big part on voice acting in Japan.

Also, I find it quite interesting & somewhat weird that he died exactly 10 years after Deem Bristow.
said at 8:41 AM on Sat Jan 17 2015
R.I.P Chikao Otsuka as the Japanese voices of Wario, Dick Dastardly, The Pirate King from One Piece, Master Xehanort from Kingdom Hearts, and of course Dr. Eggman from the Sonic the Hedgehog games and the Sonic X anime.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 7:55 PM on Fri Jan 16 2015
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Oh man, I didn't even notice this. What a shame losing another classic talent.
said at 2:08 PM on Fri Jan 16 2015
Well, this is surprising to hear. :( I've only heard him so far as Eggman and Jinpachi , but he was fantastic as both. Much like NCZ below, listening to him as Eggman was my first time listening to Japanese voice actors!! He certainly left a huge resume and legacy behind!!! R.I.P. Chikao Otsuka.
said at 1:51 PM on Fri Jan 16 2015
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**** this world! 2 legends of VO in less than a month have died! :( RIP Chikao-san!
Madness Abe
said at 12:39 PM on Fri Jan 16 2015
Rest in Peace, Mr. Otsuka. :(
said at 12:03 PM on Fri Jan 16 2015
Rest In Peace.
said at 11:27 AM on Fri Jan 16 2015
I'm so shocked to hear that he Mr. Otsuka died. RIP to the Japanese voice of Eggman and Master Xehanort.:'(
said at 10:09 AM on Fri Jan 16 2015
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Terrible start to the year to see a veteran Seiyuu leave us. RIP Chikao Otsuka, such a career he had and a huge legacy he left behind.
Shaun Ince
said at 9:46 AM on Fri Jan 16 2015
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RIP Chikao Otsuka, Your role as Eggman, Arthur Hellsing, Big Boss & Tao Pi Pi will never be forgotten.
said at 9:40 AM on Fri Jan 16 2015
RIP Japanese Eggman
said at 8:19 AM on Fri Jan 16 2015
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RIP Chikao Otsuka, your legacy will never be forgotten...
NCZ (Admin)
said at 8:14 AM on Fri Jan 16 2015
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Oh, now this is sad.

I think playing/watching the Japanese dubs of the Sonic Adventure games and Sonic X were my first exposure to Japanese voice actors. I always really enjoyed his performance as Eggman and thought it was impressive that he held onto the role for as long as he did. His work as Jinpachi, Big Boss, and Joseph Joestar were some other standouts.

The strangest thing is that Deem Bristow's death occurred almost exactly 10 years ago today. Luckily Otsuka held on a bit longer. He had a good long life and was doing voiceover till the end, and that's pretty impressive.

RIP Chikao Otsuka. You left a pretty strong legacy both in your roles, and in being the father of Akio Otsuka. Godspeed.
said at 8:50 AM on Fri Jan 16 2015
@NCZ Oh My God....You're Right.


That is eerie.
said at 8:51 AM on Fri Jan 16 2015
@Autovolt http://s1266.photobucket.com/user/Mathieu_Renault/media/hesrightbugsbunny_zps92f70580.jpg.html

sorry i meant to post this.
said at 7:32 AM on Fri Jan 16 2015
RIP Chikao Otsuka.

The voice of so many characters including Dr. Eggman, Aeolia Schenberg, Joseph Joestar and so much more and the father of Akio Otsuka.
said at 6:47 AM on Fri Jan 16 2015
My consolations to Akio.
said at 6:43 AM on Fri Jan 16 2015
Oh no...RIP to a legendary Japanese VA.
said at 8:55 PM on Sun Dec 7 2014
I can do the snicker he does when he's Nezumi-Otoko (Rat-Man)
said at 8:25 AM on Mon Dec 1 2014
Tao Pai Pai? Cheshire Cat? Fijitto? This guy is incredible.

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