Brad Bird

Brad Bird

Date Of Birth: Sep 15, 1957
Birth Place: Kalispell, Montana, USA

Popularity: 1,471st All Time, 53rd This Week

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Father of JackNicholas and Michael Bird

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Incredibles 2 CastThe Incredibles CastThe Country Bears Cast
Octopath Traveler CastShin Megami Tensei: Persona 5 CastDevil May Cry 5 Cast


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said at 8:34 PM on Wed Jun 13 2018
Brad Bird is one talented Director love his work such as Iron Giant, Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, and The Incredibles also is just Hillarious as Edna "E" Mode
said at 9:57 AM on Sat Apr 14 2018
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"I am not a baby-person, I am an ARTIST!!!"
said at 9:00 AM on Fri Sep 15 2017
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Happy 60th Birthday, Brad!

He's done a lot of good directing and voiceover roles, darling.
said at 7:16 AM on Fri Sep 15 2017
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I Can't believe it, next year we're getting the long fabled The Incredibles 2.

I cannot wait.

Happy Birthday Brad Bird!
EPA Deane
said at 9:10 AM on Mon Jul 3 2017
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"NO CAPES!!!!!!!"
said at 7:18 AM on Thu Sep 15 2016
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Happy Birthday Brad Bird!
said at 4:09 AM on Thu Sep 15 2016
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Happy Birthday, Brad Bird!
said at 1:16 PM on Tue Sep 15 2015
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Happy Birthday "Based" Brad Bird!

The guy is an amazing director from working on some of the best animated movies ever like The Incredibles and the Iron Giant and being able to transition to live-action movies like Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol and Tommorowland...which I have not seen as of this posting but eventually plan on checking out just because he's directed them.

I think its awesome we're finally getting The Incredibles 2 and I'm very much looking forward to that and he is amazing as Edna Mode too, one of the best examples of a male VA pulling off a female role perfectly.
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