Alessandro Juliani

Alessandro Juliani

Date Of Birth: Jul 6, 1975
Birth Place: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Popularity: 273rd All Time, 367th This Week

Trivia & Fun Facts:

  • Recipient of the 2003 Jessie Award for Significant Artistic Achievement in Musical Composition & Performance: Large Theatre for his work on the Bard on the Beach production of Twelfth Night
  • Co-recipient (with Meg Roe) of the 2007 Jessie Award for Outstanding Sound Design or Original Composition: Large Theatre for his work on the Realwheels/Push production of Skydive
  • Recipient of the 2009 Jessie Award for Outstanding Sound Design or Original Composition: Large Theatre for his work on the Bard on the Beach production of The Tempest
  • Recipient of the 2010 Jessie Award for Outstanding Sound Design or Original Composition: Large Theatre for his work on the Playhouse Theatre Company production of The Miracle Worker
  • Recipient of the 2015 Jessie Award for Outstanding Sound Design or Original Composition: Large Theatre for his work on the Arts Club Theatre Company production of Saint Joan

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Other Professions:

Composer and sound designer for stage productions

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said at 4:05 AM on Wed Apr 5 2017
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Vakama, L, Zoom Takazumi and Lucas Remy are 4 of Alessandro Juliani's best roles in my opinion plus I think he should appear more often in TV Shows.
said at 3:52 AM on Sat Nov 5 2016
holy ****! he has done so many Barbie characters my childhood xD
Darkness Dragon
said at 3:08 PM on Sat Jul 16 2016
 3 Shout Outs!
L is obviously my favorite role,but I have seen much of his work he is really talented. I would have liked tosee him in more Anime than just Death Note and Ranma. He did a good job as Gambit too. He also a good film and Tv character actor
said at 5:22 PM on Wed Jul 6 2016
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Happy birthday, Alessandro.
said at 12:08 PM on Wed Jul 6 2016
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Happy birthday Vakama & Gambit!!!
said at 6:46 PM on Wed Aug 17 2016
@GreenGoblin75 L?
said at 7:30 PM on Wed Aug 17 2016
Never seen Death Note.
said at 11:39 AM on Thu Aug 18 2016
@GreenGoblin75 It's on Netflix & Hulu right now. It's one of both the best dubs & the best stories ever made. Check it out.
said at 7:35 AM on Wed Jul 6 2016
Happy Birthday Alessandro Juliani!
said at 7:16 AM on Wed Jul 6 2016
Happy Birthday Alessandro Juliani great work with Vakama, Zoom Takazumi and L.
said at 5:45 AM on Wed Jul 6 2016
 2 Shout Outs!
Happy Birthday, Alessandro Juliani! I still find it amazing how he went from somebody like Kid Icarus to L Lawliet/Ryuzaki; granted, 18 years had passed at the time, although it's the thought that counts.
said at 12:23 AM on Sun Dec 13 2015
 2 Shout Outs!
I remember watching Battlestar Galatica and first seeing Alessandro there. Made me proud to see him in Death Note.
said at 7:05 PM on Thu Nov 12 2015
 1 Shout Out!
Very talented and underrated actor on-camera and behind the microphone. He's got a very interesting, dramatic face. His eyes are almost BLACK.
said at 1:22 PM on Mon Jul 6 2015
Happy Birthday Alessandro Juliani!

He was just perfect as L in Death Note, a very cool voice for this strange socially awkward genius detective. He was also a pretty good Gambit too.
said at 2:24 PM on Wed Jul 6 2016
While Kong: King of the Apes isn't really the best show around, one thing I really liked about it was its voice work (of course no surprise there) and it was really cool to hear Alessandro get a lead role like that. I think it's great that he was able to show off his range here, he surprisingly can do a really good boy voice as demonstrated with Lukas Remy when he was a young boy, if he indeed also voice Chatter, then he's got some pretty nice versatility. He does a solid job with the adult Lukas too, making him sound like a cool likeable lead.

I think it's great he's been doing more voice acting as of late, I hope we get to hear him an another anime real soon.

Happy Birthday Alessandro Juliani!
said at 1:44 PM on Mon Jun 22 2015
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Am I the only one who noticed he was in Man of Steel?
said at 1:48 PM on Mon Jun 22 2015
@LordofEvil96 Well, some parts of Man of Steel were shot in Vancouver, hence why both Juliani and Doug Abrahams make some appearances.
said at 12:22 AM on Sun Dec 13 2015
@LordofEvil96 He is also in Battlestar Galactica. One of the more major roles.
Lizzy Heeley
said at 2:04 AM on Tue Jun 9 2015
wow, he voices julian in a barbie movies...i love that movie i used to watch it every weekend when i was younger
Shiny Raticate
said at 10:35 PM on Wed Jul 30 2014
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Man, I loved this guy as Vakama. He brought so much depth and personality to him that it just made the movie so much more awesome!
Silent Snow
said at 11:49 AM on Fri Jun 27 2014
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He's Canadian that's awsome.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 1:09 PM on Fri Jun 27 2014
@Silent Snow Damn straight.
Hanyou of the Grimms
said at 3:38 AM on Mon Jan 20 2014
 2 Shout Outs!
L would not be L without this man's voice. His demeanor and natural emotion make him perfect. With one word he can tell stories.
said at 6:48 PM on Mon Dec 9 2013
Hope this guy gets to be the new Goku for DBZ Ocean Kai! Too bad there's no confirmation if it's him, Richard Cox, or someone else.
said at 2:54 PM on Sat Nov 9 2013
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He is Canadian Takahiro Sakurai~~~~!
said at 11:47 PM on Wed Apr 3 2013
said at 12:13 AM on Mon Nov 26 2012
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I think Alessandro was absolutely Extraordinary in the Death Note series dubbed in English - His voice was so fitting with L's clever demeanor and introvert style - I would love to hear more of his work as other similarly intelligent and cunning characters such as L.. Unfortunately I have yet to find any characters that are even remotely fascinating in comparison. =/ Maybe the anime world will come up with something just for the sake of putting Alessandro's talents to work with the intrigue of another L-ish character. :))
Sarge Ray
said at 1:21 PM on Tue Apr 3 2012
 6 Shout Outs!
Happy birthday, Alessandro, you are the one and only L!
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