Aaron Dismuke

Aaron Dismuke

Date Of Birth: Oct 13, 1992
Birth Place: Tarrant County, Texas, USA
Voice Over Language: English

Popularity: 93rd All Time, 83rd This Week. *

Trivia & Fun Facts:

Cousin of voice actor and producer Justin Cook

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said at 12:04 PM on Sat Nov 7 2015
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He's actually directing the Shomin Sample dub. He's come such a long way.
said at 1:12 PM on Tue Oct 13 2015
Happy Birthday Aaron, your the best child actor I've ever seen. Your Alphobse was outstanding and your other roles are just as awesome such as Lucifier, Hibiki, Chika & You.
said at 1:04 PM on Tue Oct 13 2015
Happy Birthday Aaron Dismuke!

He was one of the best child voice actors I've ever heard. His performance as Alphonse Elric in the 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist dub was just incredible, very rarely does anime ever utilize children to voice actual children characters, usually it's a female actress or every so often a male VA but casting Aaron as Alphonse was a perfect choice, sadly he began to grow up and his voice deepened so when Brotherhood came out, he could no longer do the voice he was once known for. Maxey Whitehead I thought was a great replacement but Aaron will always be Alphonse to me. On the plus side he still got a role in Brotherhood as "Slave Number 23". A very fitting legacy casting role.

Now that Aaron has all grown up and is now a adult, I had been waiting for a few years now for him to get the major roles that will define him in his adulthood and this year it's finally happened. He was perfectly cast as Leonardo Watch in Blood Blockade Battlefront, sounds almost spot on to the Japanese voice and he also got to play a massive playing against type role in the form of Diodora Astaroth, oh man was that disturbing to hear Aaron playing this sicko, still he did a excellent job in that role.

I also enjoyed his performances as Hanzo Urushihara/Lucifer, Hibiki Lates, Yasuchika "Chika" Haninozuka, Minotia and the young Ginko. I Hope to see him continue to rise up and get more major roles in the future. It's great to see someone from the early 2000's era from FUNimation still working.
said at 10:50 AM on Tue Oct 13 2015
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Happy Birthday, Aaron!

I hope someday U get to voice a BADGUY.
said at 9:11 AM on Tue Oct 13 2015
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My Top 10 Favorite Voices of Aaron Dismuke:

1) Leonardo Watch (Blood Blokade Battlefront)
2) Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)
3) Chihiro Furuya (Sankarea)
4) Hibiki Lates (Fairy Tail)
5) Ouri Kagami (Corpse Princess)
6) Prince Arslan (The Heroic Legend of Arslan)
7) Ash Blake (Dragonar Academy)
8) Hanzo Urushihara (The Devil's A Part-Timer)
9) Peco (Ping Pong the Animation)
10) Kio Kakazu (Cat Planet Cuties)
said at 9:01 AM on Tue Oct 13 2015
Happy Birthday Aaron Dismuke! And Congrats on your Upcoming Role as Ash Blake or Dragonar Academy. And My Faves are Alphonse Elric from FMA & Leonardo Watch from BBB.
said at 6:09 AM on Mon Sep 14 2015
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How ironic. He plays Arslan, who is pretty much a white-haired Edward Elric, in a series by the same Mangaka as FMA. He has come a very long way, and has earned his spot as the lead.
said at 1:09 PM on Wed Jul 1 2015
Wasn't he someone in Soul Eater Not! ?
said at 8:37 AM on Wed May 13 2015
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Justin must be proud to have a cousin like him.
said at 6:07 PM on Mon Oct 13 2014
Happy Birthday, Alphonse Elric!!!
said at 11:25 AM on Mon Oct 13 2014
Happy B-Day Aaron, You did such a remarkable job and memorable performance as Alphonse, Hibiki and Chihiro.
said at 10:40 AM on Mon Oct 13 2014
Happy Birthday, Hibiki!
The Ear of One
said at 8:10 AM on Sat Nov 16 2013
hope he keep doing this. suprised he did not get voice work in some new anime like Magi. he seems to be the perfect fit for that.
said at 6:16 PM on Sun Oct 13 2013
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He's old enough to drink! ...Stay away from that stuff Aaron, and happy birthday! Alphonse is a grand part of my childhood and his performance as Al is always nostalgic to me. :)
said at 5:09 PM on Sun Oct 13 2013
Happy Birthday Aaron!
said at 4:09 PM on Sun Oct 13 2013
Happy Birthday Aaron!

He brought such a promising performance as Alphonse and Chihiro.
said at 12:36 PM on Sun Oct 13 2013
Happy birthday Alphonse Elric!
said at 8:35 PM on Tue Nov 20 2012
He's my friend.
Madness Abe
said at 5:47 PM on Sat Oct 13 2012
Happy Birthday, Aaron! Keep on working and you'll be one of the greats! :D
said at 11:06 PM on Wed Sep 12 2012
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8o Aaron was Minotia?! I now love that movie a lot more :D
said at 1:05 AM on Sun Apr 1 2012
I am really looking forward to the characters he will later be playing in the future.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 4:29 PM on Thu Oct 13 2011
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I like him he has a really interesting voice. Cool he has the same birthday as me
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